BACK TO BASICS MINISTRIES INC. - "Taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations"

Back to Basics Ministries Inc. is on a mission to take the Gospel of  JESUS CHRIST to the nations.  Back to Basics Ministries  Inc. was founded and incorporated as a non-profit corporation/ministry by Pastor  LeRoy Carter in 1996.  We believe that JESUS CHRIST  is the Son of God and that He died on the cross for the sins of the world.  We believe that the only way to be saved is to receive JESUS CHRIST  as your Savior and be a follower of Him.  We believe that we are living in the last days and that time is rapidly winding up.  We love to share the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST with others and we try with all of the love of JESUS CHRIST in our hearts to encourage all people to receive JESUS CHRIST as their Savior and Lord while there is still time.  We would love to be able to help you to know JESUS CHRIST as your Savior and Lord and also assist you in your growth and as a believer and follower of JESUS CHRIST.